Prayer Calendar

Sky View Baptist Prayer Calendar, December 2017


Friday, December 1-Pray that our church would give sacrificially to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. Pray for our missionaries, asking God to provide for them and protect them as they share the gospel throughout the world.

Saturday, December 2- Pray for the children of our Southern Baptist missionaries, asking God to protect them and provide what each child needs, so that they may grow into healthy Christian witnesses.

Sunday, December 3- Pray for our special speaker for Lottie Moon emphasis. Pray that we would give enough so that more missionaries may be sent to serve. Pray that as our church has opportunities to serve locally, nationally, or internationally, many members would feel the calling to participate. Pray that during tonight’s deacons and business meeting, all members would be of one accord and God would be glorified.

Monday, December 4-Lift up our Backpack Ministry, praying for the necessary funding and donations so that all children in need at Fancy Gap Elementary would receive nutritious food for each weekend.

Tuesday, December 5-Pray for Men-in-Prayer as they meet each Tuesday morning, praying for more men to attend this time of praising and petitioning Almighty God.

Wednesday, December 6- Lift up Young-at-Heart as they meet today, praying for a fun time of Christian fellowship.

Thursday, December 7- Pray for Upward Basketball, praying that all in attendance would develop Christian friendships and come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Lift up the volunteers for Upward.

Friday, December 8- Pray for those who receive prayer shawls from our church, praying that each recipient would feel the love and prayers poured into each shawl.

Saturday, December 9-Pray for those who are going to Operation Christmas Child in Charlotte, praying for safe travel and that all present would be blessed by this ministry.

Pray for the Fibromyalgia Support Group as it meets today, praying for blessings of encouragement and hope for those present. Pray for Jill and Joan as they lead this group.

Sunday, December 10- Pray for the music ministries of the church, praying for blessings on all involved. Pray that all music would glorify God, drawing souls closer to Him.

Monday, December 11- Pray for those who participate in Volleyball Night and Open Gym, praying that all activities in our gym draw people closer to God and each other. Pray that our gym would be a conduit to lead souls to Christ.

Tuesday, December 12- Lift up Extreme Passion Outdoorsmen Ministry, as they meet tonight for fellowship and discipleship, praying that men would come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior through this ministry.

Wednesday, December 13-Pray for our Fancy Gap Adopt-a- School Ministry, praying for the needed volunteers and supplies so that all students and employees would see and feel the love of Christ.

Thursday, December 14- Pray for the Galax Free Clinic, praying that God would continue to supply the necessary volunteers and funding so that all in need in the area would receive medical as well as spiritual care.

Friday, December 15- Lift up those in our church and community who are homebound, praying that we would reach out to them, ensuring that they feel loved and a part of our church body.

Saturday, December 16- Pray for Wendell as he shepherds the church, praying for blessings of health, protection, guidance, direction, and encouragement. Pray that he would have times of rest and pray for blessings on his family.

Sunday, December 17- Pray for the children as they present their Christmas Program during all three services. Pray for blessings on all in attendance.

Monday, December 18- Lift up those who are missing their loved ones during the holidays, praying that they would receive love and encouragement during this difficult time.

Tuesday, December 19- Pray that all who receive quilts from our Quilting Ministry would feel the love and prayers poured into each item. Praise God for our members who participate in this ministry and for all the many volunteers in our church.

Wednesday, December 20- Lift up the Children’s Ministry and Vickie as she leads them. Pray that all children participating would accept the salvation message.

Thursday, December 21- Lift up the marriages in our church, praying that husbands and wives would seek to place Christ first in their marriages. Pray that those experiencing marital difficulties would seek Christian counsel.

Friday, December 22- Pray for the Sunday School leaders as they prepare their lessons, praying that all members of the church would attend Sunday School and/or Bible Study.

Saturday, December 23- Lift up Gary as he shepherds the church, praying for provision, protection, direction, and encouragement. Pray for blessings on his family.

Sunday, December 24- Praise God for sending His Son to earth so that we may have eternal life. Praise Him for loving us unconditionally.

Monday, December 25- Thank God for the virgin birth of Jesus Christ on earth. Praise God for giving us His only Son so that we may walk with Him on earth and live with Him eternally.

Tuesday, December 26-Pray for our outreach ministries, praying that we would always seek to evangelize and disciple others, placing Christ in the center of all we do.

Wednesday, December 27- Pray for the Word of Life groups as they meet on Wednesday nights, praying that all children, youth, and families would come to know Christ as Lord and Savior through this ministry. Pray for the many volunteers who lead these groups.

Thursday, December 28- Lift up the Komering, our adopted people group, praying that all souls would hear and accept God’s plan of salvation. Pray that those saved would grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and their love for Him and each other. Pray that they would be protected and emboldened to share the gospel with others.

Friday, December 29- Pray for the upcoming Precept Bible study on II Timothy, praying that many would attend this class. Pray for Wendell as he leads the study.

Saturday, December 30- Pray for the Pregnancy Center, praying for the needed funding and volunteers and that women in need would be drawn to the center, choosing to give birth over abortion. Pray that through this ministry, souls would be saved spiritually and physically.

Sunday, December 31- Pray for our upcoming mission trips and projects, praying that many members would feel called to participate in spreading the Good News locally, nationally, and internationally.