Prayer Calendar


Sky View Baptist Prayer Calendar, February 2018


Thursday, February 1- Pray for those in our church and community who are experiencing financial struggles, praying that our church would be able to assist those in need.

Friday, February 2- Lift up the Komering, our adopted people group, asking that each one would have the opportunity to hear God’s plan of salvation, and that the Holy Spirit would influence each soul to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Pray that those saved would be emboldened and protected as they share God’s Word with others.

Saturday, February 3- Pray for The Battleground as plans are made for this year, praying that this ministry would continue to reach teens, saving souls and influencing them to live for Christ. Pray for the leaders of this ministry.

Sunday, February 4-Lift up the deacons as they have their monthly meeting this evening. Pray that during tonight’s business meeting, all members would be of one accord, glorifying Christ.

Monday, February 5- Pray for our Preschool Ministry, praying for God’s provision and direction as the church embarks on this needed ministry. Pray for Keisha as she leads the ministry.

Tuesday, February 6- Pray for Precept Bible study, as it continues on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings, praying that members would continue to attend, complete homework, share in discussion, and apply God’s Word to their lives.

Wednesday, February 7- Pray for Wednesday night Bible study on the gospel of Mark, praying that many would continue to attend, learning God’s Word, growing closer to God and each other.

Thursday, February 8-Lift up Gary as he pastors our church, praying for protection, direction, provision, and encouragement for him and his family.

Friday, February 9- Pray for our local Pregnancy Center, praying for the needed funding and volunteers so that women and teen girls in need would receive Christian counseling, choosing giving birth over abortion. Pray that souls would be saved spiritually and physically through this ministry.

Saturday, February 10- Pray for Upward as they practice during the week and have games on Saturdays. Pray that all children and family members present would hear and accept God’s salvation message. Pray for the volunteers for this ministry. Pray that during today’s Fibromyalgia Support Group, those present would be encouraged by the fellowship and sharing.

Sunday, February 11- Pray for Vacation Bible School, as plans begin, praying that our church would provide the necessary workers. Pray that VBS would influence many to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray for Diane Hall as she leads VBS.

Monday, February 12- Lift up our Backpack and Fancy Gap Elementary ministries, praying that all students and employees would see the love of Christ through the volunteers, being drawn to learning more about God and His Word.

Tuesday, February 13- Pray for Extreme Passion Outdoorsmen Ministry as it meets tonight. Pray that many would attend and that they would be encouraged by the fellowship and shared testimony.

Wednesday, February 14- Pray for the marriages in our church and community, praying that those experiencing difficulties would look to God’s Word and seek biblical counseling. Pray that husbands would place Christ first, seeking to love their wives as Christ loves us. Pray that wives would strive to live for Christ, loving their husbands with unconditional love.

Thursday, February 15- Pray for our church as mission trips are planned to return to Puerto Rico. Pray for the lost and hurting in Puerto Rico, praying that God would use our church to minister to those in need.

Friday, February 16- Pray for the prayer ministries in our church, praying that many would volunteer to pray in the prayer room during church services. Pray that our members would commit to pray daily for the church and its members.

Saturday, February 17- Pray for those attending the annual Widow’s Banquet, praying that the fellowship, music, and special speaker would encourage them. Pray for Tammy Williams as she leads this ministry.

Sunday, February 18- Pray for the World Changers as they raise money for their mission trip. Pray for God’s blessings on this ministry and its leaders.

Monday, February 19- Lift up our staff, deacons, and members as they plan and implement programs and activities, asking that God would direct us to place Christ first in all that we do.

Tuesday, February 20- Pray for Men-in-Prayer as they meet each Tuesday morning, praying that more men would attend this precious time of presenting praises and petitions before our Almighty God.

Wednesday, February 21- Pray for Word of Life groups as they meet on Wednesday evenings, praying that each child present would learn God’s Word and apply it to their lives. Pray that families would be influenced through this ministry.

Thursday, February 22- Pray for the Free Clinic in Galax, praying for the necessary funding and volunteers, so that those in need in our area would receive medical assistance. Pray that souls would be saved through the ministry of the clinic.

Friday, February 23- Lift up the children’s and youth ministries, praying that many would be influenced to live for Christ. Pray that all children and youth would feel loved and included during the activities of these ministries. Pray for Vickie and Genevieve as they lead these ministries.

Saturday, February 24- Pray for the youth as they attend Winter Jam in Greensboro, praying for safe travel, fun fellowship, and godly inspiration through the presented music.

Sunday, February 25-Lift up Wendell as he shepherds the church, praying for protection, inspiration, encouragement, and direction. Pray for blessings on him, Kitty, and their family.

Monday, February 26- Pray for our college students, praying that they would be safe and protected as they are away from home. Pray that as they make decisions, they would look to God and seek His will in their lives.

Tuesday, February 27- Pray for our Quilting and Prayer Shawl ministries, praying that each recipient of a quilt or shawl would feel the love and prayers poured into each item.

Wednesday, February 28- Pray for the music ministry of the church, praying that all music presented would lead souls to Christ. Pray for Kitty and those involves in this ministry.