Prayer Calendar


Sky View Baptist Prayer Calendar

April 2018


Sunday, April 1- Praise God for sending us His only Son, Jesus Christ, so that we may receive redemption and salvation through Him. Lift up those who are being baptized today.

Monday, April 2- Pray for the FAITH teams as they make visits tonight, praying they would be directed to those in our community who need to hear God’s salvation plan. Pray that souls would be saved through these visits.

Tuesday, April 3- Pray for our Quilting and Prayer Shawl ministries, praying that all recipients of these items would feel the love and prayers poured into every shawl and quilt.

Wednesday, April 4- Lift up Word of Life as the groups meet on Wednesday nights, praying that each child in attendance would hear and accept God’s salvation message. Pray that families would be changed through these groups and lift up the leaders of Word of Life.

Thursday, April 5- Pray for the church yard sale as it starts today and continues through Saturday, praying that our church would minister to the community as they raise money for missions in North America.

Friday, April 6- Continue to pray for the yard sale. Lift up our college students as they face challenges and deadlines. Pray they would be safe and healthy as they are away from home.

Saturday, April 7- Pray for the yard sale as it finishes today. Pray that our church members would give sacrificially to the Annie Armstrong Offering for North American missions.

Sunday, April 8- Lift up the deacons as they meet today, praying for God’s direction and wisdom as they make decisions for the church. Pray that during tonight’s business meeting, all members would be of one accord, encouraging one another and edifying the church.

Monday, April 9- Pray for the Komering, our adopted people group, praying that each soul would have the opportunity to hear God’s Word and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray that those saved would continue to grow spiritually, being emboldened and protected as they spread the gospel to others.

Tuesday, April 10- Lift up Extreme Passion Outdoorsmen Ministry, as they meet tonight, praying for great attendance and that lives would be changed by the shared testimony.

Wednesday, April 11- Pray for Wednesday night Bible study, praying that many members would attend, praying that those present would grow closer to God and each other.

Thursday, April 12- Pray for our Fancy Gap Elementary ministry, praying for the needed volunteers so that all students and employees would see and feel the love of Christ through this service.

Friday, April 13-Pray for Mary Parks as she leads Bible study on Friday mornings. Pray for great attendance and that those present would increase in their knowledge and application of God’s Word. Pray for Youth Night as it is in the gym tonight, praying that all youth would feel loved and included, growing closer to God and each other. Pray for Genevieve and J.L. as they host Youth Night.

Saturday, April 14- Pray for the Fibromyalgia Support Group as it meets today, praying that this meeting would bring encouragement to each one present.

Sunday, April 15- Lift up Wendell as he shepherds our church, praying for God’s blessings of protection, direction, comfort, encouragement and times of rest.

Monday, April 16- Continue to pray that our church members would give generously to the Annie Armstrong Offering for North American missions.

Tuesday, April 17- Pray for Men-in-Prayer as they meet each Tuesday morning, thanking God for the many answered prayers from within this group. Pray that more men would attend this time of prayer before Almighty God.

Wednesday, April 18- Pray for the Fancy Gap Backpack ministry, praying that each child in need would receive nutritious snacks. Pray that those in our community who are facing financial difficulties would be able to receive assistance from our church and community.

Thursday, April 19- Lift up the Preschool Ministry as plans are made for its future. Pray for Keisha as she leads this ministry.

Friday, April 20- Lift up the area’s Pregnancy Center, praying that through this ministry, lives would be saved physically and spiritually.

Saturday, April 21- Pray for our Prayer Ministry, praying that all members would pray for the church, individually and corporately. Pray that many members would volunteer to pray in the prayer room during services.

Sunday, April 22- Lift up Gary as he shepherds the church, praying for blessings of encouragement, wisdom, protection, and provision. Pray for blessings on his family.

Monday, April 23- Pray for the Feeding Friends group, as they meet on Monday mornings, praying that this ministry would bless many. Pray for Gina Isom as she leads this ministry.

Tuesday, April 24- Pray for the women and men of the church as their meetings are tonight, praying that many would attend and be blessed by the fellowship, shared testimonies, and mission projects.

Wednesday, April 25- Thank God for Sandra Marshall, our church administrator. Pray that God would bless her and her family for her service.

Thursday, April 26- Pray for the Children’s Ministry, praying that all children at all activities would feel loved and be drawn to accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray for the leaders over this ministry.

Friday, April 27- Pray for those in our church and community who are facing addictions, praying that they would seek and receive assistance to overcome the addiction. Pray for family members of those who are suffering from addictions.

Saturday, April 28- Lift up The Battleground, as this ministry meets on Saturday nights, praying that many souls would be changed. Pray for the leaders of this ministry.

Sunday, April 29- Pray for the Free Clinic of the Twin Counties, praying for the necessary funding and volunteers so that those in need in our area would receive medical and spiritual assistance.

Monday, April 30- Lift up Vacation Bible School as plans are made. Pray that many children would attend and that souls would be saved through the hearing of God’s Word. Pray that all workers would be prepared to share God’s salvation plan.