Jesus And Me (J.A.M.) is a time when the children ‘Praise’ God for all He has done for
them! J.A.M. is for infants through 5th grade. Each class provides exciting interactive worship activities that are age-appropriate and relevant to the children's lives. J.A.M. includes large group time, high-energy music, creative Bible storytelling, object lessons, and a time of life application with caring adult leaders. Classes are divided by ages.

J.A.M. 8:30 AM & 11:00 AM

Infant -1 year

Toddler 2 - 3 years

Pre K - Kindergarten

Children get to enjoy an age appropriate worship service where they will learn

about God's love and His world. Through singing and active learning, with games,

puppets, and crafts they can begin to realize that church is fun and God's love for

them is real.

Elementary Student

1st - 3rd Grade

4th - 5th Grade

These students have their own worship service where they are taught biblical

lessons relevant to their life as they participate in an interactive and exciting morning!

Each morning begins with a large group time of high energy music,

creative Bible story-telling, object lessons and a time of life application

with caring adult leaders.

Steps to J.A.M. Involvement

Get up and go to church! We will do everything we can to make it worth the trip.

Take your kids to J.A.M. and then go to the adult worship.

You need focused adult time and they need focused kid time!

After J.A.M., go home and figure out a way to have some quality family

time during the week - then next week start all over again!

Please call 276-728-2211

if you have any questions about Sky View Children's Ministry.